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Our hard working and dedicated coaching staff is open to what you have to say. Here you can find a list of our coaches and their contact information if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Rai
(Senior Boys Soccer)

Mrs. Mackenzie
(Junior Girls Volleyball)

Mr. Sahota

Ms. Farquhar
(Senior Girls Basketball)

Ms. Cheema
(Grade 8 Girls Volleyball)

Mr. Dulay
(Senior Boys basketball)

Ms. Ginther

(Cross Country)

Mrs. Dudley
(Grade. 8 Girls basketball)

Mr. Erickson

(Junior boys Soccer)

Mr. Randing

(Grade. 8 boys basketball)

Mr. Bains
(Senior Girls Volleyball)
(Grade 8 Boys Basketball)

Ms. Sarchet
(Grade. 8 Girls Basketball)

Mr. David
(Junior Boys Basketball)

Ms. Russel
(Field Hockey)
(Senior Girls basketball)

Ms. Ghag
(Junior Girls Volleyball )

Mr. McKay
(Senior Boys basketball)

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